Monday, October 7, 2013

Is that Clip Art!? How not to design a LOGO

A logo is not created overnight, if it was, you probably used clipart and Microsoft paint. If this is true, you most likely have a brand identity in need of some work. It is worth paying a professional to help with your branding, graphic designers like myself spend hours researching a brand before ever sketching out a design. You may be creative, you may be artistic, but logo design is a long and tedious process. Logo design/Branding takes serious research, feedback, trial and error, and patience. Don't tackle branding by yourself, you will end up being the only one who understands your brand identity. It is important to get as much feedback as possible because you may see something that someone else does not see and vice versa. Like this logo below, designed for the Arlington Pediatric Center. Obviously not enough people participated in this branding project because nobody got my feedback which would have pointed out the explicit statutory rape taking place dead center of the logo. While the Arlington Pediatric Center was trying to represent their caring and friendly core values, they accidentally did the opposite. At first glance, this logo looks like it belongs to the National Pedophilia Acceptance Association. This is one example of an absolutely terrible branding fail that has recently been changed, thank god! This is just one of many reasons why you should get as much feedback on your brand identity before launching it to the public. Feel free to comment or share some brand fails of your own.

Here is an article of the "Top 15 Worst Logo Fails" found on

Here is the updated website for the Arlington Pediatric Center:

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