Sunday, October 20, 2013

Logo Showcase Episode 5

Logo Showcase Episode 5

Volkswagen Logo

“One theory states that the logo was created by Franz Reimspeiss, a Porsche employee, while another credits Martin Freyer with winning a design competition. Either way, this is arguably one of the most successful logos ever designed. The two letters seem to interact perfectly with one another, and the circle of the same line weight contains the letters with just the right amount of “air” in the negative spaces to retain legibility.”

Gernsheimer, Jack (2010-02-23). Designing Logos (Kindle Locations 2189-2194). 
Skyhorse Publishing. Kindle Edition. 
    Once again we have the perfect circle which immediately gives our image a sense of balance. Volkswagen uses the perfect amount of negative space in order to separate the letter “V” from the letter “W” while still maintaining that shape that is created from combining the two together. Both letters are created from positive space around it, giving the letters a unique stability. The letters seem to run off into the circle that is surrounded by a black outline, this logo is immortal, as are many of our famous car emblems.

Mobil Logo
“The Mobil logo was designed around 1964 by Chermayeff and Geismar.”

Gernsheimer, Jack (2010-02-23). Designing Logos (Kindle Location 2317). 
Skyhorse Publishing. Kindle Edition. 

      Mobil gas gives us an example of how we can solely use typography and still create a successful logo. The use of anomaly on the letter “o” gives the whole word a more appealing look. Instead of just a plain word, it now stands out because of its difference and imbalance. This imbalance gives the viewer a screaming focal point while still managing to legibly show the word “Mobil”. 

Citi Bank Logo

Gernsheimer, Jack (2010-02-23). Designing Logos (Kindle Locations 2707-2709). 
Skyhorse Publishing. Kindle Edition.

      The Citi log is very simple, it manages to represent an umbrella with the red arc, which was meant to represent the travelers appeal of the company. the lowercase letters give the citi logo a whole new feel, yet remaining professional. The arc manages to protect the two “i”s and box in the letter t, I don't know if it was intentional but it sure is unique. 

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