Monday, October 21, 2013

Logo Showcase Episode 6

Logo Showcase Episode 6


"The FILA brothers started manufacturing clothing in 1911, in the shadow of the Italian Alps. The current logo has been used effectively, largely because of the treatment of the letter F. The red bar makes the initial unique and highly memorable."

Gernsheimer, Jack (2010-02-23). Designing Logos (Kindle Locations 2400-2402). 
Skyhorse Publishing. Kindle Edition. 

      Much like the mobil logo, the FILA logo uses typographic anomaly to make a word more interesting. Instead of just reading FILA plainly, this logo uses the red color to scream for attention and grab viewers attention. The letter “A” in this logo is used to represent the Italian alps where the clothing company started. This logo is successful and recognizable due to the anomaly which creates a focal point and separation in 
the letter “F”. 

Apple Logo
     “The original Apple Computer logo, designed by Rob Janoff at Regis McKenna Advertising in 1977, combined imagery of an apple and a rainbow.”

Gernsheimer, Jack (2010-02-23). Designing Logos (Kindle Locations 2509-2510). 
Skyhorse Publishing. Kindle Edition. 

      Although it is now monochromatic (black and white), this early Apple logo is similar to the target logo in the way it does not use typography and manages to easily represent the companies name. The simple bite mark out the apple is playful yet not corny. It is simplistic, recognizable and delivers the punch necessary to portray the company name. I personally do not like the rainbow colors, but maybe that is because I am so used to the current black and white logo we see on their products today. 

FedEx Logo

       “The FedEx logo was designed in 1994 by Lindon Leader at Landor. FedEx capitalized on the increasing use of the nickname for the company originally known as Federal Express."

Gernsheimer, Jack (2010-02-23). Designing Logos (Kindle Locations 2707- 2709). 
Skyhorse Publishing. Kindle Edition. 

      This font, cleverly uses negative space and manages to give the logo a whole new meaning. In the negative space created from the positive space of the letters “E” and “x” we get a negative spaced arrow. This arrow symbolized the companies product/service as a delivery/mailing company . The two words “Fed” and “Ex” are separated using different colors giving this logo an asymmetrical balance. The negative arrow moving forward is brilliant and not many logos can create such objects with out damaging the legibility of the text. This logo is a prime example of how you can use positive and negative space to create an extra dimension in your logos design. 

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