Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Logo Showcase Episode 4

Logo Showcase Episode 4

Nickelodeon Logo

"The Nickelodeon logo, by comparison, is conservative. Because the obliqued, rounded, and friendly logotype consistently reverses out of orange blobs that vary in shape”

Gernsheimer, Jack (2010-02-23). Designing Logos (Kindle Locations 2620-2621). 
Skyhorse Publishing. Kindle Edition. 

      This simple asymmetric, organic shape gives Nickelodeon its preferred representation. The playful letters and “splat” represent the target audience for kids. They did not want to be professional and rigid, they wanted to be playful and loose, for the children to enjoy. This logo is successful for its target market, maybe I'm just biased because its from my childhood era. This logo also plays along with their famous "slime time live" where everyone on the show gets "slimed".

Delta Faucets Logo

      “The Delta Faucets logo has for its fundamental element a water-drop shape. When repeated around an axis three times at 120-degree rotation, a triangle is formed. Delta is the fourth letter in the Greek alphabet and takes its name from the shape of the sediment formation at the mouth of a river. The triangular configuration of the drops set in a circle adds relevance to the logo.”

Gernsheimer, Jack (2010-02-23). Designing Logos (Kindle Locations 2759-2761). 
Skyhorse Publishing. Kindle Edition. 

      Delta uses the balanced circle format, a go to for logo design. They are able to create the Greek letter delta (triangle) from the simplified and repeated three water droplets. The water droplets represent the water for delta faucets and the negative space forming the delta represents their name (delta). Without any typography this logo manages to represent the water function of the company, as well as its name, even though it is subtle. 

Quebec Hydro Electric Logo

      “The logo for Quebec Hydro Electric, designed in 1960 by Gagnon Valkus, employs the hardworking lightning bolt, used repeatedly to represent all things electric. This is one of those rare instances when employing overused imagery is arguably the right thing to do. First, the bolt is widely understood. More importantly, it’s the perfect element to complete the letter Q.”

Gernsheimer, Jack (2010-02-23). Designing Logos (Kindle Locations 2238-2241).
Skyhorse Publishing. Kindle Edition.

      Simple and effective, thats what comes to mind with this logo for Quebec Hydro Electric. The letter “Q” is completed and transformed from the letter “O” with the inclusion of a stylistic lightning bolt. The lightning bolt gives the logo proper representation. The logo easily represents a lightning bolt while still maintaining the logos overall legibility. Immediately I think electricity, making this logo an effective representation of the brand's overall identity.

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