Friday, October 11, 2013

Logo Showcase Episode 1

Today I will critique some logo's that I find effective for their respective brand's identity. 


The Reading JCC Logo 

Gernsheimer, Jack (2010-02-23). Designing Logos (Kindle Locations 1361-1363). 
Skyhorse Publishing. Kindle Edition. 

      This logo is successful with the way it incorporates the letters JCC as well as depicting an outline of the Star of David, a symbol of Judaism. JCC stands for Jewish Community Center, the repeated “J’s” rotated over and over agin create the letters JCC. The repeated J’s also create the 6 pointed star with the remaining negative space. The sleek design and creative letter placement gives this logo multiple meaning and representations that all give the JCC its defined image.


BMW Logo

“Designed by Franz Josef Popp and modified in the 1990s by Zintzmeyer & Lux.”
Gernsheimer, Jack (2010-02-23). Designing Logos (Kindle Location 2165). Skyhorse Publishing. Kindle Edition.
      Circles are a common theme that we start to see with many logo designs. The perfect geometric shape provides an image with symmetry, giving the overall image a sense of balance. This logo uses negative space to make the letters BMW pop. It also uses a checkerboard in the center to represent the checkered flag we can see in professional races. The symmetry and balance give this logo cohesion and precision, making it the successful logo we all know today.


“Seatrain Lines The Seatrain Lines logo was designed in 1965 by Tom Geismar.”

Gernsheimer, Jack (2010-02-23). Designing Logos (Kindle Locations 2359-2360). 
Skyhorse Publishing. Kindle Edition. 

      This logo uses great negative space, it somehow uses the positive space created from two curved arrows to create a perfectly formed negative space “S”. This logo stands for the Seatrain Lines which is well represented from the “S” and the arrows that go to and from, left and right, back and forth. This logo is full of movement giving the viewer a representation of their brand's product/service.

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